CSolutions signature surface seeded and polished concrete flooring system delivers the beauty and durability terrazzo without any of the concern over potential delamination, blistering or the necessity to maintain a floor wax. CSolutions surface seeded and polished flooring systems are cast integrally with the slab-on-grade then ground and polished at a later date.

CSolutions worked with the Lyman Davidson Dooley Architects on developing a custom blend of aggregates that were broadcast in to approximately 7,835 square feet of the slab-on-grade. Areas receiving the surface seeded flooring system were blocked out and placed independently of the rest of the building. Prior to placement, all the aggregate was washed, weighed, and pre-blended offsite to help ensure a clean and consistent application. The custom blended aggregates were broadcast by hand, and then floated into the finished concrete slab. Floor flatness was critical in achieving a consistent exposure of the ground aggregate. During placement typical crew size was 12 to 15 men.

There were four men dedicated to the broadcasting of aggregates to ensure even coverage. The slabs were then wet cured and then protected. The grinding and polishing process involved eight processes, starting with 50 grit diamonds and ending with 800 grit resins. Saw cutting began on the intricate joint layout after the floor was polished up to 200 resin grit. Two dye colors were involved. All field areas were a custom blended dye combination and as a result, a lot of protection was involved protecting floors. All corridors and lobby area received a topical hardener to provide protection to finished floors and then burnished.