Mike Sinclair

When designers planned the redevelopment of a historic neighborhood in Kansas City, they ran into a “small” problem. A small, condemned parking garage had to be replaced. To acquire a permit from the city, they had the challenge of designing a new garage that would fit into the aesthetics of the historic district yet be a fully functional parking structure.

Along with safety and structural aspects, the owners wanted a look that would blend the new garage with new retail space in a limited area—about the size of a football field.

Mike Sinclair

The architects came up with an innovative design. They designed a five-level parking structure that would be concealed within the underlying two-level retail structure. When it was finished, the structure's cast-relief concrete surface camouflaged the building's function. The 450-car parking lot structure occupies an area of 190,100 square feet. The retail area is 21,150 square feet with over 300 lineal feet of storefront.

As the centerpiece of a high profile area, the owners wanted a surface protection system that would provide long life. They also laid out an egress pattern. The architect required that the parking decks be treated with a waterproof coating system. The liquid applied moisture-cure polyurethane and seamless membrane with an integral aggregate surface protects the concrete from freeze-thaw damage. The barrier shields lower occupied areas from water damage. They selected a system to safeguard the concrete from chloride and other salt intrusion and it is skid resistant. The seamless membrane and crack bridging prevent leaks from joints. This material is also maintenance free and UV-resistant.

The use of this economical protective coating on the surface of the parking decks will extend the life of the Saks parking garage.

Owner: Highwoods Properties, Kansas City, Mo.

Architect: Gastinger Walker Harden Architects, Kansas City, Mo.

General Contractor: JE Dunn Construction Co., Kansas City, Mo.

Coating Material: Degussa Sonoguard waterproof coating system