Industrial Winner

The SJO plant of grupo Bimbo in Guadalajara is now 21 years old, so it was not a nice concrete floor to grind and polish. Concrea engineers first proposed testing the polishing process on one of the most damaged areas of the plant. It didn’t take long to confirm that polishing was the best way to rehab the floors, instead of demolitions or epoxy overlays.

Repair work was needed first to remove damaged areas. Plus, the company’s food products could not be contaminated, nor could its production process be impacted, by the project. Thus, Concrea performed a detailed study of every area of the plant to create a workable project schedule.

The plant’s source materials and dispatch areas were addressed first, allowing Bimbo’s industrial safety and maintenance departments to live with the floor rehab process and prepare for the biggest challenge: the production area. While working in the production area, Concrea had to coordinate working hours on a daily basis, so as not to affect plant production.

The 91,500 square feet of polished concrete was done throughout the plant except for underneath equipment, which never stopped producing bread, tortillas, and other food products (except for their scheduled 24-hour weekly stops). Concrea used The RetroPlate System, Innovatech P3200 machines, and the Husqvarna DC 5500 vacuum. Grinding started at 60-grit metals and stopped at 400-grit resins to fulfill client expectations in gloss, dustproofing, and slip-resistance matters.