Booster Pump Station #179 in Scottsdale, Ariz., combines decorative flatwork with unique site and retaining walls. Progressive Concrete Works Inc., Phoenix, spent nearly 45 days setting forms and placing concrete. Elements of the project included Lithocrete, which combines seeded aggregates and seeded glass into the surface of monolithic, reinforced, colored concrete slabs; integrally-colored concrete walkways with a broom finish; and integrally-colored battered, site, and retaining walls with light sandblasted finishes set on radii throughout the site with stage steps that matched the walls.

MGC Contractors, Phoenix, the project's general contractor, worked closely with Progressive Concrete to make certain that everything went smoothly. As with many projects of this size, coordination and scheduling were critical in helping subcontractors complete their work on schedule.

Designer's Perspective

A combination of monolithic-colored concrete slabs, integrally colored concrete walkways, and retaining walls create this unique setting in Scottsdale, Ariz. The majority of the decorative flatwork includes blue and clear glass, and seeded aggregates into the reinforced concrete slabs—a technique known as Lithocrete. These panels were set off by integrally colored walkways in an earthy brown shade, which were completed with a broom finish. The Progressive Concrete Works crew spent 45 days setting forms and placing concrete.

Areas of vegetation break up the concrete to create winding paths throughout the site. The decorative flatwork was set off by integrally colored concrete site and retaining walls placed on radiuses that were lightly sandblasted. Along one side of the site, the retaining and site walls create an understated water effect. Stage steps around the project match the finish of the walls.