The Bridges Restaurant is a new construction, high end restaurant built on Chesapeake Bay waterfront in Maryland. The original plans only called for adyed and polished concrete floor in the main dining room. Prior to contacting Hyde Concrete, the owners had polished samples done on site. These samples did not provide them the look they were trying to achieve for this island themed restaurant. Hyde Concrete was referred and invited to meet with the owners. After numerous discussions, proposals and samples, the owners became very enthusiastic about decorative concrete. In the end, they opted for numerous decorative and protective concrete finishes. The final outcome included:

3,570 sq. ft. of stained floor with 2,000 lf of decorative sawcutting 

  • 300+ sq ft of cast-in-place and precast bar tops
  • Custom fireplace surround and hearth
  • 2 custom vanity tops in the men's and women's bathrooms 1,570 sq ft of quartz epoxy with 350 lf of integral cove base in the Kitchen.  We started and completed the kitchen cove base and epoxy floor with a decorative quartz broadcast coating from General Polymers. The color was Caribbean blue to complement the theme of the restaurant.

Next were the cast-in-place bartops. The main bar is straight and is 32' x 2'6"and has no embeds. The curved kitchen bar is 35' long by 3' wide and has a light dosing of blue and green glass exposed in the surface.

The GC installed the 2x6 stud walls that serve as the basis of thesetwo pieces. To this, we built the forms and supports needed for a 2" thick countertop. We custom batched our materials on site and finished the surface with a hard trowelled surface. On the curved bar, we returned to grind the surface to expose the glass embeds. After a period of curing, we sealed the surface with E3/2K epoxy/urethane system from Richard James Specialty Coating.

Next we sawcut and stained the floor of the main dining area. We also stained behind the straight bar and put in a 4" integral cove base around the bar area. The main dining area was sealed with a polyspartic coating from National Polymers, while the area behind the bar was sealed and heavily dosed with non-skid additive for its final finish. In the meantime, we were also templating and fabricating the pre-cast pieces in our shop. The first was the fireplace surround and hearth.

These pieces were fabricated using GFRC and we embedded oyster shells in the surface. These were later ground and finished. The ladies restroom received a sand colored vanity top with conch shells embedded in the surface to match the The back bar behind the straight bar was also made from GFRC in a matching color and finish to the straight bar. Finally there is a fixed high table that was fabricated to match the fireplace surround with oyster shells . As you can see from the photos, the results have been spectacular! We chose the different finishes and products to suit the various needs of the client and the expected use of each item. These photos have been taken six months after opening and everything is performing as expected. The client couldn't be happier having chosen numerous decorative concrete finishes for their restaurant. This project is a good example of the numerous ways decorative concrete can be used.conch shells that were set in a bed of mortar on the walls. The men's restroom had more industrial looking top that was partially suspended from the wall with a stainless steel cable.