Our company has completed several projects for this particular owner in the past, but the scope had always been limited to wall murals.

The Challenge
This was an innovative project that was designed to incorporate different themes for each room in the daycare. Our goal and directive was to bring the design/murals to the floors in order to complete the affect and compliment the murals on the walls. At the same time, the owner was looking for an improvement in durability and an easier maintenance routine versus the tile and wood surfaces used on previous projects.

The Project
As on previous projects, my wife and co-owner Andrea Morgan, completed a beautiful array of wall murals throughout the nearly 20,000-square-foot facility. It was our new challenge on this project to round out each room by installing a theme matching decorative epoxy floor. Room themes include: arctic, jungle, ocean, desert, space.

Materials and other elements
We partnered up with Sherwin Williams on this project and were able to create all of the desired affects through the use of epoxy, urethanes, and acrylics. A crew of three would prep the floors via trac blast and grinding, prime and basecoat the floors with epoxy, then let the Andrea do her thing. We would then circle back and apply the clearcoats.

The Result
Work was completed on the floors for this project in early June 2010. The owner was very pleased with the way the rooms now come together. The floor is no longer an after thought in the scheme but a major contributor to the overall affect of each area. When you walk into the arctic room, you almost feel a drop in temperature as you are now surrounded by snow, ice, and creatures from floor to ceiling. In addition, the smooth urethane surface is already paying dividends with its ease of cleaning. No more dirty grout lines in this facility!