Wick Alexander's LithoMosaic seahorse, for the new TB Penick corporate headquarters, speaks to the artist's, client's, and subject's long histories with San Diego, Calif. Alexander says he is particularly proud of "the amazing detail and vibrancy of the color that I could get into this giant seahorseand it's relationship to the materials that surround it."

The LithoMosaic system uses mosaic patterns together with a Lithocrete paving system. This allows mosaics to be installed in a full thickness monolithic pour, giving designers flexibility to create their own art piece at significantly less cost than any other medium currently available. From start to finish, the LithoMosaic process has been designed in such a way as to achieve creative control in ways that other processes can’t begin to match. No longer does the artist need to hand-seed the aggregates: Complete works can be assembled in the studio and then transported to the jobsite for installation. This also allows review by the client, architects, and other team members prior to the final install.