The challenges of the the job were the circles and the big butterfly. The big butterfly we did with a boom truck and projected it down at night. We cut it in with angel grinders and the coloring was done with surcrete ecostain and acidstains. The stamp was old granite, colored almond with chocolate release.The circles that interlocked were fun. The job took six days and a crew of three. The owner is very creative and religious. She put her grandson's hands in the shape of a butterfly at the entrance to the big butterfly.

Here are the owner's words on the project:

Cameron Park, a biblical park, to be completed in 2011.  Upon entering the park is a half circle that represents the rainbow, below the rainbow is a rock that reads, Cameron Park, Be still and know that I am God. — Psalm 46.10

From this location, which represents earth, you are able to look forward and then follow the path which will take you on a beautiful walk with God. Butterflies in the concrete represent us as we fly through our life, always in flight and always in need of the three circles before us.  The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. The beauty of flowers, shrubs, trees and scriptures provide us with the faith that when our walk through this world has ended we also will become a new creation, just as the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly. — Gloria Feuerbach, owner of park