This residential project was done in Brighton, Colo. We are a Las Vegas-based company and have opened a branch in Colorado. The market there has been a big opportunity for growth for our company.

Because of the amount of snow in Colorado, we decided to do this project with a lot of negative space to make it safer, yet have a great look to the concrete. It also kept the cost down for the clients.

We used a chalk line to put in the borders and then cut a piece of cardboard to make the designs, which kept the art very uniform and fast to layout. After laying out the pattern, we used a 4 1/2-inch diamond blade and an angle grinder to cut it all in. When we were laying it out, we went under and over the border in places to give it an extra effect and we had vines going under and over as well. Each leaf has a mid-vein in it to give it more life. Some of the other patterns have some accent cuts in them as well. As you can imagine, this took a minute. After all the cutting was done and all of the end points were checked to make sure that they met, then it was time for clean and prep. After this was done, it was time to begin the staining, which was all done by hand, using chip brushes, or throw-away brushes. We used brown, green, and black acid stains.

Keeping the stain moving, once a line was started, to not have hot marks, is key. Not dripping is a good thing to keep in mid as well. Once all of the stain had been laid, we checked for soft spots, or hot marks, and touched those up, and let bake thoroughly.

Using a deck brush and we vacuum, we residued with water and baking soda to neutralize the acid stain. Once it was thoroughly dry, we applied three coats of sealer, by hand, using chip brushes. We think the results speak for themselves and for us, it was another job done on budget with time to spare. Our clients were overwhelmed with its simplicity and its elegance and had express to use how nice it was every time they entered and exited their home that they had their own "art you can walk on."