This project by Colour, Placerville, Calif., began with an almost 80-year-old floor that was so deteriorated it looked like old exposed aggregate. It was extremely bumpy and black from years of dirt and grime. Everyday, over 1000 people make their ways across this floor into and out of one Campbell's soup manufacturing areas. Three times a day the employees had to clock in and out of their shifts on this floor. Needless to say, Colour had to work around a lot of daily foot traffic.

First, the floor was ground aggressively to get through the deteriorated top cap and into more stable concrete. Next, cracks and spalls were repaired with VersaFlex concrete mender, and the floor was ground to 150 grit. The floor was densified with VersaFlex's lithium densifier, and the floor was ground to 400 grit resin diamonds. Then the floor was cleaned, and the 26-foot-long Campbell's logo was laid out. A sandblast stencil from Colledi Designs, Fresno, Calif., was used. It took one full day to lay out the stencil, sandblast the black outline and shadow areas, color with AmeriPolish acetone-based dyes, and remove the stencil.

The outlines and shadows were sandblasted to give the design an engraved appearance and depth—in person, it looks like the logo is floating above the floor. The next day, Colour returned to chalk out, score, and color the rest of the design. The floor was completed with polishing steps up to 800 grit resins, VersaFlex guard, and HTC diamond impregnated pads.