This project by Unique Concrete, West Milford, N.J., includes a pool area, a set of steps, and a connecting sidewalk. The pool area has cantilevered coping with impressions brought over the edge every 8 inches and a slightly different integral color than the other concrete to help define the pool's edge. The coping is reinforced with wire mesh and structural synthetic fibers that provide three-dimensional stability. The flagstone pattern is intergrally colored concrete on a top of a structural slab reinforced with 1/2-inch rod and structural fibers. The impressions in the concrete that establish the pattern are grouted with the same colored concrete used for the coping. The saw cuts are represented by the brick-impressioned rollocks which also help define the perimeter of the pool deck.

The steps were constructed on a paver wall that fluctuates with freeze/thaw cycles. Each impression was made deep so that it would act as a control joint. Internal reinforcing keeps the structure together.

To ensure that the area was safe for barefoot traffic, the concrete surface was ground to remove any sharp edges. The grinding also created a variegated, stone-like appearance. Since the work was done with integral colors, then textured and grouted, the project is custom and unique, and is guaranteed not to delaminate.

The integral color for the project was purchased from Lanxess, Pittsburgh, the fibers from Forte Carbon Fiber Products, Ledyard, Conn., and Nycon, Westerly, R.I., and the internal waterproofing from Anti-Hydro, Flemington, N.J. All of the "cookie cutter" stamps, imprinting tools, and textured rollers were manufactured by Unique Concrete.