This project, located in the Hill country also known as Austin, Texas, was challenging to say the least.  The decorative concrete artisans of Stain & Stamp, Inc. did not know what they were getting themselves into January 2010.

An exceptional view from atop the driveway included large trees, limestone rock, and wooden benches.  Little did they know the benches would be so key to their rest, recovery and overall success!

Mr. Chaney desired a new texture for his steep driveway.  He didn't want his wife, himself, or guests slipping when they approached their home.  Shane Johnston, president of Stain & Stamp, Inc. suggested Butterfield's orchard stone stamp pattern as an overlay option.  Not only would the pattern compliment and accent their cabin on a hill, but the texture would allow the driveway to be slip resistant. 

The main obstacle for Stain & Stamp's crew was the challenge of stamping the near vertical drive.  Trowel ling concrete to the correct thickness so it doesn't run where you don't want it, but doesn't dry up quicker than you need it to, all while keeping your balance is quite a test. 

After three days of stamping for the crew of four, the easier part came along.  Two days of cleaning, antiquing and sealing with Butterfield's clear solvent sealer was the icing on the cake.  Not only was Mr. Chaney overly satisfied with the project, he expressed his gratitude by taking the artisans to lunch!