Beeson Masonry and Concrete Inc. had the opportunity to participate installing a pervious parking area for the Chino Creek Wetlands & Educational Park Center in Chino Hills, Ca., in part with the Inland Empire Utilities Agency. The Souther California Concrete Producers designed this project.

Larry Maes, the products education director, contacted Beeson to participate in this growing product to display the benefits of pervious concrete abilities. With pervious concrete, parking paving and other large expanses where normal stormwater that cause flooding, increased pollution in rivers, streams, and the loss of rainwater that normally could replenish water tables and aquifiers. This was the main reason the Inland Empire Utilities Agency, working with the Santa Ana Watershed Association, wanted to install pervious paving for demonstrational purposes.

Beeson installed two parking areas approximately 950 square feet each that incorporated the existing ADA access area. The section was installed with colored concrete pavers, which also have permeable abilities. With this opportunity to display the abilities of pervious concrete, Beeson also wanted to show that pervious can be decorative. The pervious supplier that worked hand in hand to produce a quality product was supplied by CSM Ready Mix. Beeson took the existing color plate of the pavers and matched it with a concrete color stain from Alcantar Concrete Products located in Oxnard, Calif.

In the two parking areas, the contractor created a serpentine pattern were the area was divided into two sections. The first parking area, Beeson used two paver-matching colors and in the second parking area, just one color in the same pattern was used, giving the contractor the ability to show the natural color in the other half of the serpentine design.

Pervious has a course finish but with a pleasing design and color, can be made into an appealing product that will create a curb effect for any home or office building. Beeson used a white color stain to make the parking lanes for each parking stall. Pervious concrete can be installed with an integral color mix, but with the stain application, it was a cost saver in the fact that the contractor didn't have to make multiple pours.

Beeson Masonry and Concrete Inc. is very excited about expanding in this product. It now is one of the few companies in Southern California with the necessary certifications as an installer and technician, and has an ACI concrete flatwork finisher on staff.