Concrete has won another significant round in the perpetual battle to control building costs in connection with the new Warner Auditorium which will serve as international headquarters for the Church of God. The original plan was to build a geodesic dome, but this idea got no farther than the model stage when it was abandoned due to cost considerations. With the possibility of a concrete shell dome definitely in the picture, everyone connected with the project became intimately involved in one to the most unrelenting cost-cutting endeavors in recent construction history. For example, it was quickly determined that just the rental of scaffolding for concrete work on only 25 percent of the dome would cost $60,000. Right there was conceived the daring idea of casting the dome of the ground and lifting it into place. It was quickly determined that pit-run gravel could be brought in, graded to the desired shape and later removed at a cost of only $22,000. This innovation also made it possible to discharge concrete into place directly from ready mix trucks without intermediate handling- another important factor contributing to the low total cost.