The church of St. John the Baptist, near Florence, Italy, was built commemorate completion of the Autostrada de Sole. This 470 mile long superhighway runs from Milan to Naples. The church is located roughly halfway along the route and is intended as an oasis of rest from the busy traffic. Designed by architect Professor Giovanni Michulucci, it stimulates the nomadic tent of biblical travelers. The church is built entirely of reinforced concrete and blocks of natural stone. Because of the large difference in the expansion coefficients for natural stone and concrete, the two materials are kept structurally separate throughout the building. Raw board marked finishes, straight from the form, are used throughout for all exposed concrete to add to the natural tentlike effect desired. The main "tent-pole" of the church is 92 feet high and is in effect a reinforce concrete tripod. Subsidiary "poles" and "guys" are also of concrete. Externally, an inclined, inverted-V "guy" frames the entrance to the church to support the pinnacle of the building. The "canvas" of the "tent" is formed of 2 and three-eighths of an inch thick concrete, supported by draped, embedded steel cables. The concrete is clad with thin copper plates as protection against the weather.