Rafael Vinoly Architects

Biomedical scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), Chevy Chase, Md., are committed to furthering medical research. It's no wonder that the Institute's management insisted that their construction projects would also include high tech solutions to help prevent future problems.

When construction began on the Janelia Farm Research Campus, its new collaborative science center in Ashburn, Va., a key part of the project was the cast-in-place concrete parking structure.

The long, rectangular parking structure was built half on grade and half as a suspended slab over occupied space. At each end the architect placed a ramp to allow for efficient traffic flow.

Just as important to the architect was the selection of a durable waterproof parking surface. The architects worked closely with Durex Coverings, the installing contractor, to select the proper deck protection system.

Another key person in the selection team was Brian Adams, the regional manager for Crossfield Products Corp. After careful evaluation, the team selected a multi-layered, fluid-applied, 100% solids elastomeric waterproof membrane, specifically formulated for high traffic areas like parking decks. They included a sand aggregate into the finished system to increase skid-resistance and to aid in long-term protection of the concrete substrate.

The application

After performing moisture vapor transmission and pH testing in accordance with ASTM F1869, the contractor applied the primer.

After primer application, the decking system was installed. This cold liquid applied, elastomeric urethane traffic deck membrane and integral urethane skid-resistant traffic wearing surface is a solvent-free low odor formulation that installs at a total system thickness of 40-55 mils, depending on use area. It offers high durability, waterproofing, and weatherability for parking deck applications. An additional wear course was added to the system at each ramp to accommodate the high volume of traffic wear anticipated at the ticket booths. In total, four coats of material were used on the entire deck surface with the first two coating's coverage rates of 120 square feet per gallon (first coat roller applied, second coat squeegee applied); the third coat, at 100 square feet per gallon (squeegee applied with broadcasted aggregate); and a lockcoat/topcoat at 120 square feet per gallon (backrolled).

Through the effective collaboration of the entire project team, the parking deck structure was completed on-schedule and within the budgeted 175 man days. Dex-O-Tex and Durex Coverings were proud to be part of this noteworthy project and look forward to the Institute's future successes in biomedical innovation at this facility.

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