Architects, as well as engineers, precasters, and students, will find the revised, second edition of the design manual "Architectural Precast Concrete" to be a complete and authoritative reference on questions of proper use of architectural precast concrete. The manual is the work of a Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) committee chaired by Sydney Freedman, with Freedman and Alan R. Kenney serving as co-editors. The book is arranged in a sequence corresponding to the phases of study that an architectural or engineering firm might use to evaluate, select, and incorporate materials into a construction project.

Aesthetic considerations comprise the largest, most extensively illustrated section of the book. Options as to shape, color, and texture from which the architect or owner may make a selection are presented. Economic factors to be considered in design include how to make repetitive use of a master mold and to optimize materials selection for both high quality and economy. Through the many color photos, designers and users of precast panels have a visual introduction to the potential of precast panels.