Great contractors do great work. That doesn’t mean the project has to be a million-dollar contact—big is not necessarily better. More importantly, a great project implies a satisfied customer and quality you are proud to show off. We want to help you show off your great projects, so we have started a new section in the magazine we’re calling Projects That Rock and are building a new section on our web sites to collect the project photos and reviews.

Want to show what your company can do? Send us photos and a brief description of the project and we’ll print it or post it to the web or both. Then, when you want to show a potential client what you can do, they can visit CC’s web site for validation that your company does work that is recognized by a national magazine. We’ll even do the write-up if you just want to tell us about the job and what made it special.

Contact me directly to tell the world about your Projects That Rock: 773-494-4619,