Bennett Middle School is an exciting polished concrete project for Cuviello Concrete. We had input on the sub grade preparation, forms, concrete mix design, finishing methods, curing methods, joint placement and final protection. As well as the opportunity to work directly with the finishing contractor to ensure the concrete finishing was the most conducive to the polishing processes. This is part of the Green Endurance Architectural Concrete Flooring program. Green Endurance works towards controlling many of the variables normally considered outside of the polisher’s control. 

The project originally consisted of manufacturing a cement fine finish classrooms and seeded glass/decorative aggregate exposed finish in the corridors. Due to finishing issues in one room to keep a consistent finish throughout all classrooms were changed to a sand aggregate cut. The architect and owner chose a seeded aggregate installation for a terrazzo like finish. This innovative idea reduced flooring cost and eliminated the need of having to manufacture and transport materials to the job site by using concrete that was to be placed as a part of construction. 

There is 70,000 SF of classrooms, 34,000 SF of corridors and over 3 miles of edges. Six craftsmen finished edges to match the main body of the floor up against finished block so there is no distinguishable difference. The project had 26 craftsmen which included two forman and an assistant forman.

This school is special for two reasons:

1. It is the second school Cuviello has done for Wicomico County. Due to the success and the durability of the first project the school district decided to not only use polished concrete in the corridors but also the classrooms in an effort to reduce floor care costs. 

2. The project has been very successful because the general contractor took time to understand the installation and worked as a team to ensure a successful installation. The general contractor embraced the time requirements, made flooring free and clear of obstacles and enforced working rules upon the other trades.

The job was priced to allow for extra time to not only fully refine the surface but to refine it past maximum refinement to obtain the maximum durability the surface would allow as part of the Green Endurance manufacturing processes.

The process was done wet up 200 grit resin to ensure silica dust was contained and to allow for the abrasives to refine past maximum refinement.  To handle any environmental concerns of the slurry we had dumpster filters made.  The filters captured the cement fines and allowed clean, pH balanced water to drain. This greatly reduced slurry disposal costs.

When the process was complete the floor was covered with an 18 mil felt backed poly we have made for our polished projects.  The protection can withstand heavy construction, lifts and job boxes can be rolled over and stored on top.

"The collaboration of the architect, owner, ready mix producer, placing/finishing contractor, general contractor, Cuviello Concrete and the Green Endurance manufacturing  guidelines made this project an overwhelming success."

Product Spec Sheets

Green Endurance Flooring Specification

  • VersaFlex Interior Joint Filler
  • Rapid Refloor
  • Retro Plate
  • Retro Plate RetroGuard