With the recent push for green industry, the public has heard about everything from making cars greener to cooking greener. But what about construction? To date, there has been very little mentioned regarding making the construction industry green, until now. Schedule for Sale published by AuthorHouse, www.authorhouse.com, by author and contractor Geoff Ryan, outlines what is known as WorkFace Planning, how it came about and how to implement it for large-scale commercial projects.

Schedule for Sale is a guidebook on how to apply WorkFace Planning. This is a process that has been identified as an industry best practice for optimizing the productivity of construction teams on industrial projects. WorkFace Planning can optimize construction productivity and reduce the time needed to complete a project, which leads to reduced costs and reduced energy consumption. Therefore, the application of WorkFace Planning is being heralded by the industry as the platform for Green Construction.

Schedule for Sale has 12 chapters that progressively elaborate the complex processes and principles that are necessary to fully optimize construction. These chapters come under four headings: Basic Principles, Resources, Information Streams, and, finally, Total Information Management. Each section and its underlying chapters outline everything needed to employ a successful WorkFace Planning model. From pre-project planning to resources to automation tools and how to implement them, Schedule for Sale provides a comprehensive road map.

Schedule for Sale www.scheduleforsale.com also has an interactive Web site that allows the readers to download all of the documents that appear in the book and utilize the interactive flow charts. This is designed to allow the readers to develop a comprehensive set of documents that will facilitate their application of WorkFace Planning.