With an overall height of 667 feet, the Millennium Tower will usher in the turn of the century as Austria's tallest building. Slated for occupancy in 2000, the 50-story office tower is the centerpiece of Vienna's Handelskai Center, a multiuse development on the banks of the Danube River. The new center will include 409,000 square feet of office space, 270,000 square feet of retail/service areas, 398,000 square feet of residential space, and an underground four-level parking structure that will accommodate 1,500 cars.

To complete the mammoth project on time, contractors constructed well over 1 million square feet in the short span of 17 months. Even more impressive, crews erected the office tower to a height of 567 feet in only 8 months. With the help of two state-of-the-art forming systems--self-climbing formwork for the building core, and large-panel trapezoid-shaped deck forms with attached shoring for the floor slabs--contractors were able to adhere to an ambitious two-story-per week construction cycle.