A Broadway-style performing arts center was built in downtown Salt Lake City using 19,700 cubic yards of concrete. To build the theater, massive columns and girders of existing buildings had to be removed. Once the site was cleared to about 20 feet below grade, the concrete work began.

Three pump trucks and a fleet of ready-mix trucks were sent by Geneva Rock to place several thousand cubic yards of concrete into the footing. It required 14 pours to complete the mat footing which was poured at four different levels of elevation because of the site’s slope. Concrete placement was done from top down to accommodate electrical, plumbing, and other infrastructure.

The entire building load is carried by the shear walls. At the top, Layton Construction placed large beam pockets to hold the roof truss spans. With the building virtually hanging from the shear walls, there are more than 5,000 embeds placed in walls and slab and metal decks to tie all the levels together. Shear walls were built with a high-performance concrete mix, most with 5000-psi ratings.

The main stage floor is built of a flat concrete slab on deck. The lobby slab was placed in sections using a laser screed to create a flat floor, which was finished with terrazzo flooring. A lot of rebar was used during construction to strengthen the concrete and structure.

The $119 million project was complete in October 2016. The theater has a 2,500-seat performance hall, a 250-seat studio theater, a roof terrace, and a winter garden.