Redevelopment of a former railyard area now known as Midtown Miami began as early as 2005. Work on the development stalled during the Great Recession, but has since rebounded. Midtown 5, which began construction in June 2015, will become a vital node within the neighborhood once it is completed in December 2016. Standing 24 stories high and housing such amenities as a spa and meditation garden, the building will contain over 400 apartments and 24,500 sq ft of retail and office space for a total of over 400,000 sq ft.

In order to make up for time lost during the economic downturn, it has been especially important to keep the construction of Midtown Miami’s new buildings on schedule. Planning for Midtown 5 began months before the construction start date and a detailed plan was developed with the contractor to ensure a smooth start and continued efficiency throughout the project. Fast erection and stripping time of the formwork was critical to the project’s success. Teitelbaum Construction Inc. chose Doka to provide the formwork; the fast cycle times associated with the DokaFlex system, combined with the use of DokaTruss tables, helped construction stay on schedule.

The design of Midtown 5 involves a 60,000 sq ft podium level, 3 floors at 60,000 sq ft and 18 floors at 20,000 sq ft. Teitelbaum provided 10 kip shoring for the building’s 2nd level and this remained in place after the deck was poured for re-shoring. By using 2 full floors of DokaFlex shoring, quick cycle times were achieved while building to the tower level. Midtown 5’s floor level 5, where the building’s amenities are located, represented an atypical portion of the structure and included a series of complex concrete beams and a pool. For this section of the building, Teitelbaum again used the 10 kip shoring system. Beginning at the 6th floor—a more typical portion of the tower’s structure—the contractor chose to employ the DokaTruss table system for the large slab formwork and this was used for the remainder of the project.

DokaTruss tables can accommodate room heights from 8 ft up to 13 ft-1 in. with standard single legs; for Midtown 5, floor level 5 required a 13 ft-8 in. height. Doka and Teitelbaum collaborated on an innovative method to gain the additional height. Teitelbaum installed 8 in. wood blocking under the 13 ft -1 in. truss table height using standard truss table 4 ft-2 in. screw jacks.

Teitelbaum conducted pre-pour inspections prior to all slab pours, since jobsite safety was, as always, a priority for the project.