Angela Godfrey, an English sculptor who apparently believes that water should come out of a rock, has designed her fonts to look like rock. The fonts were done in concrete rather than stone for practical reasons: facilities for working on very heavy sculpture were not available. The use of concrete made it possible to do all the preparatory work in her studio and then do the actual placing some place where there was access to the necessary equipment and lifting tackle. Miss Godfrey considers it of great importance to exercise care in selecting an aggregate suitable to the design and setting of a font and to obtain expert supervision of the gritblasting operation. One such example for her work is the font for the R. C. Church of St. John Fisher, Redbourn, Herts (1966). This font was first modeled in clay over a framework of chicken wire stuffed with newspaper. A plaster mold was then made. Preliminary work was done in the artist's garden but the actual casting was done on the church site. A Cornish de Lank granite aggregate was used because it has a light sparkle in it. Gritblasting was done by an expert from the Cement and Concrete Association's Research Station at Wexham Springs.