Eighty some years ago, builders across the country were introduced to a novel construction technique. A factory was then being built in Chicago using the tilt-up method of erection. The walls of the factory were four stories high and were laid out horizontally on a platform resting on steel jacks. Then the wall forms were filled with concrete. After the concrete had set for 48 hours, the wall were raised into a vertical position. The factory was completed in record time. The slabs were cast within the building with the outside of the walls face up, so that the finishing work was all done when the slabs were on the ground. Both end walls were laid out at the same time, and raised one after the other. However, only one side wall could be cast at a time, because the building was exceptionally narrow. The walls were protected from being overturned by wind pressure after the machinery supporting the walls was removed by running cables between eyebolts embedded in the tops to the walls. On the outside, two cables were run from the eyebolts to dead men about 50 feet away.