A joint venture between MGM Grand Inc. and Primadonna Resorts Inc., the $350 million New York-New York Hotel & Casino is being built to bring the best of New York to Las Vegas and to set a new standard for teamed hotel-casino projects. To evoke New York City's glamorous atmosphere, the complex's reinforced-concrete hotel emulates 12 famous buildings, and its structural-steel low rise houses a Central Park-styled casino as well as amenities such as shopping, entertainment, and dining patterned after Park Avenue, Radio City Music Hall, and Greenwich Village.


The New York-New York consists of the following distinctive components: a multi-height rise; a three-story low rise; and a detached, 10-story, 1,450,000-square-foot parking garage. To help the high rise resist lateral loads such as winds and seismic forces, C-shaped and L-shaped shear walls wrap around the high rise's five elevator cores and tie into its floor diaphragms.


Three tower cranes are erected on-site, and various mobile cranes are used as required. The ready mix supplier typically sends between 20 and 35 ready mix trucks per day. To place concrete for the high rise, two trailer-mounted pumps are used with two 28-meter booms attached to masts on the building.

The high rise rests on a foundation mat that extends an additional 5 « to 6 feet on each side of the building. The mat is between 4 and 14 « feet deep and required nearly 22,000 cubic yards of concrete. By the time the high rise is finished, it will require as much as 83,000 cubic yards of concrete.