A dramatic savings can often be realized by precasting concrete elements on the job site with ready mixed concrete instead of manufacturing at a remote central yard and shipping to the point of use. The project called for the construction of nine curved islands girded by concrete seawalls consisting of interlocking piles and slabs. The contractor accordingly set up a central yard and began casting piles and slabs in wooden forms. However, careful analysis of the entire operation indicated that too much time was being expended handling and rehandling the components because of casting away from the job site. Much of the high cost was also traced to the necessity of making frequent repairs to the wood forms. It was accordingly decided to cast both the slabs and the piles on the islands on which they would be used, and at the same time a decision was also reached to use steel forms in place of wood. Under this plan of operation even the concrete deadmen used to hold the piles vertical were cast where they were needed. The result was a savings of 24 dollars per lineal foot.