Snowbird, in Little Cottonwood Canyon near Alta, Utah, is one of America's newest and most ambitious ski resorts. Construction began in May 1970 and the resort opened in December 1971. Construction of Snowbird Ski Resort presented an unusual combination of problems: extreme cold weather during many months of the year, a short season of good summer weather, accessibility to tramway for only a short period of the year, coordination of building the tram terminal, and tram tower bases and chair lift with the installation of Swiss equipment and towers. A study was made before actual construction started to determine the feasibility of various methods of material handling and concreting. At higher elevations helicopters lose their efficiency, so except in emergency situations they could not carry sufficient weight to make them practical as a means of conveying concrete up the mountains. Yet, because of the tremendous distances between the various chair lifts, the upper terminal and the base facilities, a helicopter was put on the job full time. One of its many uses was to transport personnel to the tower foundations and upper terminals because of the long time required to travel by road. The helicopter was also used for emergency restocking of materials for the mountain site. A two-way radio system coordinated through a central system and dispatcher was used throughout construction so that men could be contacted or needed materials ordered. Some of the sites for the tower foundations were so steep that it was impossible to stand on the steep slope and work without being tied back. Each man wore a safety harness tied back to a deadman or a tree up the hill. After some trial and error the men became very adept and skillful at placing concrete under these difficult conditions. Another unique problem was the sudden snow storm in late spring or early fall that would fall on the forms. After experimenting with shovels, brooms, snow blowers and air, it was finally discovered that a steam cleaner was the most effective equipment for removing the snow without disturbing the forms or the rebar that had been placed. The only two months of the year during which it is certain that snow will not fall at Snowbird are July and August, so precautions had to be taken continually to make sure that the means were at hand to protect concrete against unexpected snowstorms or sudden cold.