Demand for precast concrete buildings continues to increase throughout the United States. The profit potential of precasting, both in a production facility and on the jobsite, is indeed appealing. In general, labor costs are below conventional casting methods. Precasting techniques, however, differ considerably from conventional site-casting methods. A thorough understanding of this highly specialized system of concrete construction is prerequisite to a successful as well as profitable precasting operation. There are both benefits and disadvantages that must be studied in any plant or jobsite precasting technique. The major benefit of precasting is similar to the "mass production process," obtaining a high degree of repetition toward greater profitability. Other benefits in a plant precasting operation are derived chiefly from the high measure of quality control that it maintains over the various phases of casting. From construction, placing, application of retarder, curing, stripping, and other production operations all can be as precise as desired. However, a notable precasting authority advises. "Look well before you leap." A well-managed precasting operation will most assuredly produce profits. A poorly conceived operation, though, can prove disastrous. Ten basic questions should be considered before a contractor decides to establish a precasting operation: (1) is there adequate room in the current facility for a casting work area? (2) What are the costs of transporting precast component to the jobsite? (3) What are the direct labor costs? (4) What are the costs of the necessary production equipment, form materials, and handling machinery? (5) Is the necessary supervisory personnel available? (6) How much should be allowed for overhead costs of manufacturing? (7) Are properly trained work crews available? (8) What are the cost of handling precast components in the yard as well as on the jobsite? (9) How will weather influence the precasting operation? (10) Of prime importance- do you know and understand the mass production techniques of precasting?