Having developed expertise in rebar fabrication, Van Laan Concrete decided to take advantage of this asset and in 1988 they started Van Laan Construction Supply. “We sell almost exclusively to our competitors, which has been something of a challenge,” says Scott Van Laan, president of the construction side of the business. But with the supply side generating more than half of company's revenues, it's a challenge they face without reservation.

“It's increased our buying power,” Van Laan says, “although it's grown into more than we expected.” Operating as a separate company under the leadership of his brother, the supply house primarily fabricates and sells rebar and welded wire reinforcement along with a variety of other concrete-related supplies. “Reinforcement is our bread and butter. The retail store is about half a mile down the road, which is good for my brother and me since it keeps far enough apart but also close enough to run both operations efficiently.”

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