Century Concrete employed the efforts of a 60-person team, poured more than 20,000 cubic yards of concrete, and used a hydraulic climbing wall system (ACS) to develop this venture. The structure’s complexity included a 4,000-square-foot cantilever, requiring 95 feet of shoring from ground level using a Peri-UP system, and sloped escalator beams, all within a confined space in the heart of Downtown Norfolk.

“Pour days were critical," says Sebastian Chavez, Engineer at Century Concrete. "All pours for The Main began at 1 a.m. in order to reopen the downtown roads by 7 a.m. Once typical levels were poured, a lift of the core walls and a deck were then poured using the hydraulic climbing system, before pouring all 39 columns and two shear walls per floor on the same day. We were on a six-day cycle once we reached the typical floors, pouring on the sixth day.”

Most of both the hotel and garage used a post-tensioned concrete system. The design of the first nine stories involved a two-way slab system and standard reinforcing with 9-inch decks and drop beams varying in depth from 9 inches to 16 inches, requiring a customized, engineered shoring system.

The typical floors above were reinforced with a combination of post-tensioning and rebar for 13 levels. The shoring system used small tables, and Century worked with the shoring design team to find a creative solution to fly them with a tower crane out of the building without having to remove the outside handrails, greatly minimizing the risk of injury to the workers without affecting productivity and schedule.

Hosting 300 guest rooms, nine floors of public amenities, parking with additional municipal space and world class services, The Main is considered the most exclusive center between Atlanta and Baltimore.

This $168 million project comprises a 23-floor hotel, with a more than 80,000-square-foot conference center accompanied by a six-floor garage which houses a junior ballroom, ballroom, and conference center.

Century broke ground in November 2014 and celebrated its topping out on Feb. 26, 2016.