The Nashville Oilers' new 67,000-seat stadium on the Cumberland River's east bank hosted its first competition long before its fall 1999 opening. You might call it the Nashville Concrete Playoffs because two separate construction teams, both working for the same contractor, squared off to build the concrete superstructures for the stadium's east and west grandstands. Each team had its own superintendent, foremen, and crews—and its own grandstand to build.

To help speed construction, forming subcontractor Concrete Form Erectors Inc. decided to form beams differently for the east and west grandstands. On the west grandstand, crews used column-mounted steel tables to support job-built wood beam forms. Each tabletop was backed by a series of steel trusses that rested on two steel I-beams, one at each end. The two I-beams, in turn, sat on shores, or jacks, which carpenters mounted to the previously cast concrete columns. A 70-kip jack supported each corner of the table. Spanning from column to column, the tables essentially formed huge work platforms.

For the east grandstand, CFE formulated a different game plan. Crews supported aluminum truss tables with scaffolding, and then set post shores under the newly cast concrete beams after stripping the forms. For the beams to support the precast seat units and double-Ts, they had to be shored all the way to the ground. This required the use of nearly 13,000 post shores and 20,000 scaffold frames.