Project Details

Project Location: Mexico City
Contractor: Constructora Cimet, Facebook
Architect/designer: Arq. Sholem Cimet and Arq. Yoram Cimet, Constructora Cimet
Amount of polished concrete: 300,000 square feet
Size of building/project: 600,000 square feet

Constructora Cimet is a special and unique architectural and construction firm that integrates all parts of the project process, including site selection, financing, architectural design, and building the project itself. On this occasion, we even produced all of the concrete for the building on the job site.

Torre Glorieta is an office tower in the heart of Mexico City, in a major rotunda that connects the main business and housing neighborhoods downtown. This rotunda with two of the main city avenues intertwining creates a sunken plaza that serves as a main transportation hub. The building has 646,000 square feet of floor space, all of which has been polished. The office space, which is about half that area, has been polished to a 3,000 grit finish and the parking areas to a 200 grit.

The tower is comprised of 30 levels, underground parking, a triple-height grand lobby, above-grade parking, 18 office floors, topped off with a heliport as well as a double-height multipurpose auditorium, and two roof gardens. The tower has been pre-certified LEED Gold, including low-energy consumption, rain water harvesting, black water recycling, and solar energy production. It is a monumental building.

There also were difficult challenges. The shape, height, and lenders of the very slender and tall tower make the structure more complicated to resolve. Not only does it have to withstand the normal structural loads, but it also needs to be earthquake resistant to very high degrees. There are rows of columns only on the outer faces with an open span in the interior.

Structural engineering added to the project's uniqueness. The structure uses 6,800 tons of steel beams and 33,000 cubic yards of reinforced concrete with 2,300 tons of rebar. The structure is specially designed conforming the tower by only one column axis on each direction for a total height of 393 feet, including foundation piles and wallpiles that are 177 feet deep, some of the deepest in the city.

The location and the terrible traffic warranted manufacturing the concrete onsite, due to the multiple implications in the concrete quality and control as well as project timing and waste management.