The concrete tower structure of the College of Nursing building for the University of Illinois pierces the horizon at the Medical Center in Chicago just west of the Loop. Mittelbusher and Tourtelot, Chicago architects, designed the building with a two story base plus basement an office tower rising to the seventh floor. The building is topped by two mechanical penthouses, one at either end of the tower. The first two stores and basement are common to both the base and tower, with the tower, with the tower having nine stories. The tower design uses a 20 foot square module to best serve the space budget and make efficient use of the flat plate structural system. That module is integrated with a 20 by 40 foot bay system of beams and joints in the two story portion of the building. The crane hoist was used to clad the building with precast concrete spandrel panels and open backed precast concrete pilasters lined with thermal insulation, covering the ductwork and piping carried on the rims of the floor plates. The flat plate framing also serves to reduce floor to floor heights to a minimum, since ducts and piping do not require under beam clearances. The lower floor heights also effect savings in heating and cooling loads in the areas needed for stairwells and elevator shafts. This system saved 10 feet of height in the nine stores of the tower and reclaimed 62 percent of the area devoted to interior columns by eliminating two treads for stair runs in each story.