The American Concrete Institute has recently completed a major revision of its long-standing flagship concrete specification, ACI 301, "Specifications for Structural Concrete for Buildings," last revised in 1989. The new title of ACI 301, "Specifications for Structural Concrete," is the most obvious change: The reference to buildings has been dropped to make the specification applicable to a wider range of projects. This change also signals that ACI 301-96 is much more comprehensive than its predecessor. The reorganized ACI 301 covers all aspects of structural concrete materials, proportioning, mixing, delivery, placement, formwork, curing, and strength evaluation.>/p>

ACI 301-96 contains nine sections: General Requirements; Formwork and Form Accessories; Reinforcement and Reinforcement Supports; Concrete Mixtures; Handling, Placing, and Constructing; Architectural Concrete; Lightweight Concrete; Mass Concrete; and Prestressed Concrete. In addition to the technical specification, ACI 301-96 contains three checklists: the first details mandatory requirements; the second, optional requirements; and the third, submittals.