Site cast concrete play sculpture is a fast growing are being incorporated into a number of modern playgrounds, parks, and other recreation areas to help youngsters develop their minds and bodies. Play time has long been recognized as a period when a child's mind often is more susceptible to learning because most external pressures have been relieved. And concrete has long been recognized as the most suitable material for play sculpture. There are various reasons for this acceptance; economy is one, practicality is another. It is possible to cast elegant and intriguing shapes with concrete quickly, easily and cheaply which would be extremely difficult and expensive to achieve with any other medium. Nor is concrete lacking surface beauty; its versatility allows s wide range of textures and finishes to complement an appealing form. A concrete surface can be varied at will from smooth for sliding, to rough for climbing. In addition the material is virtually indestructible, even by the most ingenious youngster. For less rigorous duty, there are unlimited possibilities for creating unusual and attractive effects by casting in glass, mosaic, plastics, tiles, and other interesting materials, either to a regular pattern or a representative spacing. The use of colored mixes is popular, although it is worth noting that for play sculpture a black color does tend to remind children of a blackboard.