This project by Concrete Dream Works Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was completed on an existing driveway pad that was approximately five years old.

The process began with laying out the geometric centerpiece and a border using the narrowest available blade on Engrave-A-Crete's Super Compact Cobra engraving machine. The next step was to ensure the driveway was clean and that the pores were open and ready to accept the stain. Concrete Resurrection paint and sealer remover (CR-590) was applied to the driveway, which was then pressured washed to removed all contaminants. Then Concrete Ressurection reactive acid chemical stains were applied. The border and centerpiece were hand-brushed in a darker color, then a lighter color was applied to the entire pad with a spray. Colors included Rich Mahogany (CR-602), Black Walnut (CR-601), and Western Saddle (CR-604).

After the stain was dry, Concrete Resurrection Outside Acryclic sealer (CR-550) was applied to the entire driveway with a roller. Next, the centerpiece and border were engraved with a wider blade to separate the colors and designs. A diagonal tile pattern then was laid out with a chalk line and engraved with the Super Compact Cobra. The Engrave-A-Crete Wasp tool was used to touch up any cuts that did not fully connect with one another. After all engraving was complete, the concrete was cleaned and a final application of sealer was applied.

The project took a total of three days to complete, including preparation and cleaning of the concrete, with a crew of two people.