The Crossroads Fellowship church in Odessa, Texas, was constructed in 2007 and used in excess of 20,000 square feet of stained and sealed concrete as the finished flooring of choice in the Entrance Lobby and Youth Chapel. Less than two years after being put into service, the stained concrete floors showed extreme wear and evidence of sealer failure were apparent. CSolutions was contacted by the original design-build contractor BECK and in conjunction with the LM Scofield Company a several month forensic study was performed and a plan of attack was derived as to the best way to bring these once beautiful floors back to life.

In July 2010, CSolutions mobilized with hordes of citrus stripper, stain, sealer, wax, and a crew of four with unpleasant thoughts of having to strip, stain, seal, and/wax 20,000 square feet of existing stained concrete. While installing a final mockup panel for review and approval by the church, it was decided that “just for heck of it” we would spray a section of the existing stained floor with Xylene in an attempt to determine in this would reemulsify the existing sealer and cure out properly. Well, it worked.

After months of choreographing how we would strip and reseal more than 20,000 square feet of concrete while still maintaining the church’s day to day operations, the process of repair was reduced in short to spray the floor with Xylene and allow to dry, apply a fresh coat of sealer and wax, and "abracadabra" the floor looks better than the original installation in 2007.