Contractor Rick Lobdell poured 800 square feet of concrete to extend the owner's existing 150-square-foot pad into a beautiful outdoor area. He built two sitting walls that follow the curve of the outside edge of the patio.

After noticing the owner had many leaf images displayed around his house, Lobdell created a vine-like design that flowed throughout the space including wrapping around the sitting walls. He used a black acid stain heavily diluted as the base color and then did a full strength black acid stain on the vines and a slightly diluted black on the leaves. He used a dark walnut acid stain to create the illusion of shadows underneath the vines and leaves. He sealed it with a UV-stable solvent-based sealer.

"We were able to create depth throughout the space," he says. "Some vines touch the ground and some feel like they are over 3 feet above the ground."