Residential Winner: Repair/Rehab

The residence’s old floor needed a new, consistent look, which Artistic Surfaces provided via a polishable overlay. The homeowner also provided a sample of stained glass that she wanted her flooring to match. The color was difficult to duplicate so Artistic Surfaces sent it to AmeriPolish, which came up with a combination of OS Integral Color and AmeriPolish OS Dye to make a perfect match: A cool steel gray that makes warm colors in the décor pop pleasingly.

The contractor shotblasted the old surface down to a good substrate and then tested for moisture. The slab had moisture problems, so he applied a moisture-mitigating epoxy and addressed all cracks and joints.

Since the client wanted a jointless floor, Artistic Surfaces poured CTS Rapid Set TRU Self Leveling throughout the entire 3600 square feet, and allowed the overlay to cure over the weekend before grinding. The contractor started with HTC SF 40 soft bond matrix diamonds to get through the tough skin that TRU forms as it cures. Then he used an 11-inch segmented disc from KGS Diamond Group for polishing.

The second part of the color treatment was an application of AmeriPolish OS Blue Dye after the 200-grit grind. This completed the color match.