One of the best marketing tools on the planet is word-of-mouth, and the absolute best way of getting people talking about your finest Tilt-Up projects is to expose as many people to them as possible. The Tilt-Up Achievement Awards Program provides you with the means to do just that.

Published internationally in multiple publications and online, the winning projects of this program become potential subjects of featured articles, covers of magazines and other publications, and shining examples of Tilt-Up excellence. Whether you are just getting your foot in the door of the Tilt-Up market or reasserting the elite status of your Tilt-Up company, this program is for you.

This opportunity is available to TCA members only, for more information on the benefits of membership click here.

The process for submitting a project for consideration in the 22nd Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Awards has been streamlined this year. Please follow these steps:

1. DOWNLOAD and READ the Awards Guidelines.
2. DOWNLOAD, COMPLETE, and SUBMIT a TCA Project Data Sheet.
3. UPLOAD your project images online.
4. REPEAT for each project you would like to submit.

Deadline for submission is June 29, 2012. Each individual entry will be charged an entry fee of $150 (US).