Readers’ Choice Winner

Equinox wanted its fitness center to be environmentally friendly, embody Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, and impart a sense of history that also help make LEED credits available. Entrusted with the placement, installation, and dying of the 8500-square-foot polished concrete flooring, Green Earth Floors used environmentally friendly products and strategies.

First, Green Earth worked with subcontractor Mascon Construction on the pour and placement of the concrete slab — not an easy balancing act to orchestrate on the busy streets of New York City.

Next, the contractor used FGS PermaShine, L&M Construction Chemicals’ patented dry polishing process. The system starts with a dry diamond grind, followed with a high-performance vacuum system that all but eliminates airborne dust. After grinding and polishing, the floor was treated with FGS Hardener Plus for added strength and long- term wear resistance.

Green Earth also used Joint Tite 750, L&M's rapid-setting polyurea joint material, and FGS Conditioner to help prevent deterioration of unfilled joint edges and produce a clean and safe joint edge.

Routine maintenance is also managed with FGS Conditioner, which delivers a leading edge degreaser and cleaning agent while simultaneously reinforcing the floor's strength. It’s a low-cost, easy way to maintain the floor surface.

The floors were colored with L&M Vivid Dye, a post-hardening coloration system that is both practical and visually compelling.