The contractor executed this stamp-colored patio in two stages because of the colors used. The border was a standard gray with a charcoal release that had turned a blueish tint. He used a slate stone stampa light stamp with little indentationon the border. The middle sections were filled with brown stain, while the powder release was a Aztec brown shade. The contractor acid washed it and sealed the project a few days later.

One of the most challenging parts of the project was maintaining the integrity of the forms, he says.

“When you pour inside another pour, the lifting and hurling borders always move,” he says. “It was pretty important that the subgrade was compacted really well, so that five years down the line, you don’t have a bunch of lifting and hurling, everything is still consistent with the slopes and drains.”

The contractor also contended with a site that had almost no slope.

“We had to be pretty particular with the gradepulling inside the concrete, it always moves, so we wanted to be delicate with that.”