Sustainable Fellwood is a mixed-use, mixed income development composed of 220 Housing Units and other community components located just west of Savannah, Georgia's historical district. Fellwood is an early entrant into the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot program; one of Southface Energy Institute's Earth Craft Communities on the Coast and will be guided by the Smart Growth Network's principles for diverse, walkable, distinctive, attractive communities. 

In 2009 while presenting a lunch and learn for Atlanta, Georgia architectural firm JB+A, CSolutions was shown a site plan depicting the continents of the world cast in a concrete sidewalk and asked "can you do that?" Without hesitation or any thought on how we could do it the answer "yes, of course we can" came out of our mouths. Upon subsequent discussions with the designer, it was decided that Lithocrete architectural concrete paving would be utilized. Once the architect selected the specific glass he desired, numerous sample panels demonstrating color and texture of each continent were cast. 

The patented Lithocrete architectural concrete paving system was installed over two days in December of 2009. In the spring of 2010, CSolutions returned to transform the Lithocrete architectural concrete pavement into the "World in Concrete." JB+A supplied CSolutions with the electronic image of the continents outline. This file was printed to scale, each continent cut out, and then traced on the concrete. 4½-in. grinders and Dremel tools were utilized to carve the continent's outline into the concrete. Smith's Color Floor was applied to each of area and then the concrete was sealed. And yes, the globe is oriented properly in relation to the North and South axis.