Ownership of factory-authorized Ferrari and Maserati dealerships is a pretty exclusive club. In Canada, there are only five: one in Quebec, two in Ontario, one in Alberta, and the latest in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Because it was a Ferrari Maserati dealership, expectations for the venue were high. The company originally hired as the general contractor for the construction of the dealership in 2009 did not meet the high standards of the owner. After seeing the concrete work, the owner hired his own project manager to finish the contract. Every floor in the building appeared wavy and uneven, requiring resurfacing to properly display the famous cars.

The plan was to cover the floor in the mechanics’ shop with an epoxy coating, so the floor needed some local sloping to drains, but otherwise would remain flat. LT Concrete Services Ltd. used Planibond EBA as a bonding agent for the existing floor, and then topped it with a layer of Mapecem 202a fast-setting cementitious repair mortar that could be screeded to achieve just the right slope.

In the first floor showroom, the Ferraris and Maseratis would catch the eye of passersby, so the owner wanted a background that was faultless, yet would not distract the viewers from the main attraction. For this floor, Primer E was applied using a sand broadcast. Next, a topping of Ultraplan Easy self-leveling underlayment was used, and finally an epoxy coating laid down.

The showroom area extends to the second floor, with the addition of an office area. For this floor, Primer E also was used with a sand broadcast. Again the floor was topped with Ultraplan Easy and an epoxy coating.

The third floor of the dealership is used for storing vehicles and for additional office space. This floor received Primer E with a sand broadcast, followed by a topping of Ultratop Natural Gray self-leveling concrete topping. The natural gray color was selected so that a clear sealer could be applied over the Ultratop.

"The crew from LT Concrete did a superior job of creating a smooth, unmarked surface with their application of the Ultratop," says Diane Choate, a representative for Mapei.

On Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, more than 500 guests met to celebrate the grand opening of the new state-of-the-art, 35,000-square-foot facility. To their delight, 21 fascinating examples of Italian automobile craftsmanship were displayed throughout the three stories of the glass-fronted dealership.

"The cars certainly stood out, enhanced by the ultrasmooth concrete floors," Choate says.