The client's objective was to create a highly polished concrete floor without exposing aggregates. The subfloor was shotblasted and a moisture mitigation membrane applied. Clean sand was broadcasted to excess into an epoxy primer. Mapei Ultra Top was applied at a 3/8-inch thickness. The designs were laid out, drawn, and then sawcut. During the process, the product was left uncolored to create a grayish look. Scofield's Gold and Inca Brown stains were applied to the appropriate sections to complete the coloration. KGS diamonds were used to polish the floor to a 1500-grit finish. L&M Construction Chemicals supplied FGS Hardener, PermaGuard SPS, and FGS Concrete Conditioner, which were applied during the process to enhance the topping’s durability. A high-speed buffer with twister pads added brilliance to the finished product.

"The client and architect wanted to create a finish that would be durable and easy to maintain," contractor Harvey Namm says. "We were assured by L&M that the proper use of their conditioner in conjunction with a walk-behind scrubber would leave a residue that would protect the finish and maintain the shine. We provided maintenance information to the client that included guidance from L&M and information pertaining to the proper use of a high-speed buffer with twister pads, to be included in their scheduled maintenance program. Providing a durable and long-lasting application was a difficult proposition in this type of high-traffic facility."