This project consisted of cast-in-place concrete walls, stairs, and flatwork. The design and installation of custom form panels in conjunction with Meva gang forms was used to create the needed access to the freshly placed concrete.

The concrete received a light exposure showing just the sand. This was achieved by placing the concrete, removing all of the formwork while the product is in its plastic state, and immediately finishing the concrete to a steel trowel finish. Afterward a chemical release agent is applied. Next the concrete is washed to the desired depth of finished exposure and finished with an application of a penetrating waterproof sealer.

The project included CIP steps, seatwalls, and planter walls with a vertical exposed aggregate/buff washed finish. Crisp clean lines formed due to the use of the formwork. The wafinis sh accomplished using a standard City of Columbus 4500-psi class-S concrete with no color added.

The crew size ranged from 6 to 12 men. All vertical forms were stripped green, troweled, and then exposed. The CIP steps used a disappearing tread design to incorporate the natural slope of the property. The blend of cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, and paver units bring out the beauty of the overall project. Shade structures were erected to allow for proper finishing, and to control set time of the vertical surfaces.