“As functional as it is beautiful,” says Dr. Robert Feirsen, superintendent of Garden City, N.Y., Schools, of the new addition and renovation of the city’s middle school.

Garden City Middle School was originally constructed in the early 1900s, with additions built in the 30s and 40s, and was in need of an expansion and renovation. The school and architect wanted to create a cohesive flow and feel of consistency, to make sure the new addition and areas to be renovated kept the same feel as the original building.

Matt Johnson, owner of Green Earth Floors, used Husqvarna’s Hiperfloor concrete polishing system for the 7500-square-foot polishing portion of the project. The system increases the durability and strength of the floor while enhancing its beauty and reducing maintenance costs — the perfect solution for a high-traffic school.

The first major obstacle was how to create a seamless blend between the existing and new concrete. Johnson and his team of artisans solved the problem by grinding the new and existing surfaces to the same aggregate exposure. They also stained the concrete in the school’s colors, maroon and gray, which had to be custom blended. These two measures masked the differences between the floors and created the seamless look.

The second major obstacle wasn’t expected. The new concrete was not poured according to specification; the slab was as hard as a porcelain plate. Therefore, the Green Earth Floors team had to complete more steps than anticipated. To be able to cut into the hard surface, more aggressive 40-grit diamonds were used. In addition, they applied the Husqvarna GM3000 grouting system to fill in the pinholes on the concrete surface. Even with the unexpected steps, the operator was able to grind dry and stay on schedule thanks to the Dual Drive Technology system on the Husqvarna planetary grinder.

When the project was completed, the polished concrete significantly added to the visually striking appearance of the rotunda entrance. Now Garden City Middle School has an impressive renovation with unique flooring that will last.