A leaking, tiled roof deck covering 30 condos in a three-year-old upscale development had to be replaced. Contractor Bill Leys was charged with stamping and waterproofing. The general contractor demolished the existing tile decking. Afterward, Leys flashed and waterproofed the deck first using Desert Crete from Hill Brothers Chemical Co. The coating had to meet strict Los Angeles fire codes, as well as be ICC-ES evaluated for use as a traffic coating.

Soon after the whole deck was waterproofed, it passed the worst water testing tests possible: 15 days of rain between December and January.

"The roof did not leak during the worst winter in Los Angeles in years," Leys says. "The roof is over $1 million condos, so leaks weren't an option."

Eventually, they were able to begin stamping. A taped-out pattern imitating tile was laid out in 12x12-inch and 24x24-inch sizes. Using Desert Brand texture, a thin 1/8-inch stamp was used. The tape was pulled and the stamp stained with Super-Krete stains to mimic the old tiles colors. Finally, Desert Brand clear water-based sealer was applied to protect the stained finish.

"I'm proud of the uniform look we got even though every section was stamped at different times," Leys says. "That's a credit to the uniform consistency of the texture we get from Hill Brothers Chemical Co., our supplier."