The existing building was an old car dealership. First we poured concrete over the old tile. Using a bond breaker and no adhesion. We then cut the main floor into 5 x 5 squares. All concrete was placed and panned with a power trowel. Various designs were cut into floor for different looks throughout the club. The main lobby was ground down to expose all aggregate and cut into 3x3s with diamond intersections. They were stained differently as well. The main desk was cast-in-place with counter tops polished and stained to match the floor. Logo of club was cast in pour using foam that was cut out and placed in pour of the wall of bar. The juice bar was done same way with the logo of an energy drink company. The bar is about 24 feet long and main desk 15 feet radius.

Various colors were used throughout the club to make it eye-appealing for customers. All concrete was polished up to 3000 grit. We wanted the club to be attractive and have the benefits of good air quality and highlight reflectiveness to brighten up the place. Just a great place to work out in.